At least 73% of last 11 COVID deaths in New Brunswick were of elderly victims

There is still NO emergency

UPDATED Sept 29/21

A revealing statistic is emerging that is showing that the suspension of civil liberties via medical segregation and mandates forcing innocent people to choose between their jobs or consenting to vaccine violence is even more outrageous and abusive than we thought, if that was possible.

In our post, New Brunswick's 47th COVID death: What they're not telling you, we exposed how the government was misleading the public by claiming they could not tell us whether the first person to die in the 5 weeks since all masking/lockdown restrictions were removed - a woman in her 70's - was vaccinated or not because of 'privacy legislation' that apparently only protects the deceased, not the living. Her grandaughter's Facebooks revealed the truth: she was, indeed, 'fully vaccinated.' We also explained the negative effects of not tracking vital statistics that would tell us whether the vaccines were working or not, or were dangerous.

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At least 73% of deaths since restrictions were removed were near or over the average NB lifespan

After reviewing news releases since the death of Victim #47 was announced Sept 7th, we have discovered that at least eight...or 73%...of the eleven deaths that have occurred since restrictions were lifted July 30/21 have occurred in people over the age of 70:

Deaths by Age, last 10 deaths since removal of mask/lockdown restrictions July 30*

(as of Sept 28/21)

70-79 yrs: 2

80-89 yrs: 4

90+ yrs: 2

*All lives are precious, but part of life is death. Old people die. They die for many reasons.

The most obvious question is: were these victims 'fully vaccinated'? The news releases don't say, but given the government's intimidation, fear-mongering and misleading statement about Victim #47, this writer feels entitled to assume - until proven otherwise - they were all victims of vaccine violence: injected with a dangerous, ineffective vaccine without Informed Consent.

STRONG STATEMENTS? For those questioning the above assertions regarding the vaccines being dangerous and ineffective, the reader is referred firstly to Section 4 of our report to NB MLAs in the Downloads section, and then to the Sept 17/21 presentations to the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee which was deciding whether or not to recommend approval of Pfizer's booster shot for all people 16 years and older (they voted 16-2 against):

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Emergency Medicine Physician

4:19:00 - "Without this data we, the medical establishment, cannot confidently call out anti-COVID vaccine activists who publicly claim the vaccines harm more than they save especially in the young and healthy. The fact that we do not have the clinical evidence to say these activists are wrong should terrify us all."

Steve Kirsch, Executive Director,
COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (

4:20:10 - “I'm going to focus my remarks on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about, that the vaccines kill more people than they save.

The committee voted 16-2 against approving the Pfizer booster for general use ifor those under the age of 65:

The next question is: did they die because of COVID, because of a co-morbidity or because of an adverse effect from the vaccines? We don't know. What we do know is that elderly people often have multiple co-morbidities, and we know that the vaccines have killed and injured many thousands of people. This is why they need to be carefully tracked in an apolitical fashion.

We recommend readers download the report we mailed to every Member of the Legislative Assembly in New Brunswick: Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies.

The news releases...

1. Sept 07/21: news release - death of 1 person in their 70's (1st death since mask/lockdown restrictions removed July 30: Victim #47)

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2. Sept 22/21: news release - death of 1 person in their 80's

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3. Sept 24/21: news release - deaths of 3 persons: 1 in 70's, 1 in 80's, 1 over 90

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4. Sept 28/21: news release - deaths of 2 persons: both in their 80s

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5. Sept 29/21: news release - death of 1 person 90+

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There is no health emergency

In our 'Vaccine Hesitancy...' report to MLAs mentioned above we included a section entitled, There is No Health Emergency. We made that statement because, just as the report was being printed, there had been zero deaths since removal of mask/lockdown restrictions.

Despite the 10 deaths since the report was released, we stand by that statement. The average life expectancy in New Brunswick is about 80 years old:

At least 8 of the 11 deceased - and most likely 'fully vaccinated' - people allegedly killed by COVID were very close to or above the average life expectancy for New Brunswick. Their deaths, while tragic, are not unusual, yet they are being used as 'justification' to incite fear and hate against the unvaccinated, and to suspend the human, civil and bioethics rights of 800,000 citizens.

THIS is the real tragedy. It is a crime against humanity.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas, Founder, New Brunswick Freedom Project, Mark's bio can be found here.

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