The $1219 News Release the CISION Newswire Service Refused to Send To Reporters

CISION-PRNewswire: release contradicts official COVID narrative

On Sept 14/21, NBFP founder Mark Vandermaas was told by the CISION-PRNewswire service they were turning down his $1219CAD (after putting a $1500 hold on his credit card) to send out a news release to reporters/media in the Atlantic region about the report mailed to all New Brunswick legislators. The reason given: the release contradicts official COVID guidance.'s not just reporters censoring the truth; it's the people feeding news to the reporters that are censoring their news!

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This is the release (PDF version):

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Report Aims to Help New Brunswick Legislators Understand
Grave Concerns of Un-Vaccinated Citizens

About ‘Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies’

HILLSBOROUGH, NB—September 15, 2021: Every New Brunswick legislator and the Ombud has been mailed a comprehensive report from the New Brunswick Freedom Project ( that offers critical evidence regarding vaccine safety; possible criminal liability for those who intimidate employees/students into taking the vaccine against their will; and the truth hidden in plain sight: there is no health emergency.

Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies relies, in part, on the work of 3 Founding Signatories of Doctors for COVID Ethics ( who prepared an Expert Statement for use in a lawsuit against the E.U. to stop vaccination of adolescents. The summary states:

"...the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine is catastrophically bad."
"The only possible conclusion from this analysis is that the use of this vaccine in adolescents cannot be permitted, and that its ongoing use in any and all age groups ought to be stopped immediately."

One of the authors, a professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, has agreed to answer questions for concerned MLAs.

The report’s author, Mark Vandermaas, is a veteran of the Canadian Forces and a U.N. peacekeeping mission. He was a key member of the civil rights team during the Caledonia, Ontario crisis that opposed race-based policing by the Ontario Provincial Police. Their story is told in two books, one a bestseller by the late Christie Blatchford.

Their work led to a landmark Supreme Court of Canada decision in Fleming v. Ontario, 2019 which ruled police/government cannot abuse Charter rights during an emergency simply because the methods used may be effective. The court referred to this as “a recipe for a police state.” The backstory serves as a case study in Section 14 as the author compares the use of Medical Segregation Discrimination to the OPP’s use of illegal arrests of innocent people.

Vaccine Hesitancy makes eight recommendations, including:

  • Halt COVID vaccinations until a blue-ribbon panel of skeptics and proponents can investigate.

  • End intimidation of employees/students directed at coercing consent.

  • Investigate therapeutic alternatives such as Ivermectin.

  • Amend Human Rights Act to add ‘medical condition’ as a prohibited ground of discrimination.

  • Call on other provinces and the federal government to end Medical Segregation Discrimination, and restore Canada to one united nation governed by courage, hope, rationality and the rule of law, not by fear, despair, panic and lawlessness.

Vandermaas said he had three goals for the report: “I wanted to create an evidence trail for future legal action. I wanted to inspire New Brunswick’s MLAs to speak out against medical discrimination, and I wanted desperate people to have a reference they could share with their employer, school, friends and family to help explain why they do not wish to receive the COVID vaccine.”

The report can be downloaded at:


Mark Vandermaas, Founder

New Brunswick Freedom Project


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