New Brunswick's 47th COVID Death: What They're NOT telling you

New Brunswick just lost a critical benchmark and its control group

by Mark Vandermaas, September 09/21

1. Victim 47: Vaccination status is now private (Private?)

On September 07/21 New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard announced that someone in their 70’s had died of COVID in hospital. This was the first death in the 5 weeks since mask and lockdown restrictions were removed July 30th, bringing the total to 47, up one. She stated: “In keeping with privacy legislation, we will not be disclosing the person’s vaccination status.”

New Brunswick news release, 210907: Death of Victim 47

(Apparently, privacy legislation prevents the Health Minister from disclosing whether an un-named deceased person was vaccinated or not, but it does not protect the thousands of workers and students in the province who are required to disclose their vaccination status else lose their jobs.)

The minister then urges people to be vaccinated “as soon as possible.” The implication is, of course, that a vaccination will prevent us from dying of COVID like the latest victim.

2. New Brunswick’s 47th COVID victim was “fully vaccinated”


Deceased COVID victim #47 was, in fact, ‘fully vaccinated’ according to her grand-daughter.


On Sept 01/21 Jennifer Logan posted on Facebook a picture of her grand-parents who were both in ICU with COVID and asked for prayers for their recovery:

Jennifer Logan Facebook post re grand-parents in hospital w/COVID, 210901

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s grandmother did pass away on September 7th, and she reveals what the Health Minister would not:

Jennifer Logal confirms grandmother was 'fully vaccinated,' 210907

3. New Brunswick’s COVID health reporting statistics are now contaminated and/or deliberately misleading

The July 30/21 lifting of mask/lockdown restrictions provided a crucial benchmark going forward to judge whether there or not there was an ongoing risk to the public, and it could tell us whether vaccines were helping, hurting or ineffective.

In our just-released Sept 10/21 submission to MLAs, Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies, (available at in Downloads), we relied upon an Expert Statement of evidence prepared by Doctors For COVID Ethics for a lawsuit vs. the E.U. aimed at stopping the vaccination of adolescents. This report warned that the COVID vaccines had a ‘catastrophically bad’ safety profile and should not be given to anyone, especially adolescents.

We noted in Section 4 of our submission that the New Brunswick Department of Health is failing to track and/or disclose critical benchmarks that can provide early warning of problems with the vaccines at a provincial level:

  1. NEW DEATHS following vaccination
  2. TOTAL DEATHS following vaccination
  3. NEW HOSPITALIZATIONS following vaccination
  4. TOTAL HOSPITALIZATIONS following vaccination
  5. TOTAL ER VISITS following vaccination

In Section 5, we also noted that the province is not tracking and/or disclosing these benchmark statistics tied to the July 30/21 lifting of restrictions that prove there is no health emergency:

  1. NEW DEATHS since July 30/21 (0 until Victim 47)*
  2. AVERAGE HOSPITALIZATIONS PER DAY since July 30/21 (1.1)
  3. NEW HOSPITALIZATIONS since July 30/21 (unable to determine)
  4. NEW ICU ADMISSIONS since July 30/21 (unable to determine)

4. What this means (It’s not good)

When the Health Minister added ‘fully vaccinated’ Victim 47 to the roll of ‘COVID deaths’ without noting in public the vaccination status of the victim she contaminated key benchmarks related to July 30/21:

  • How many vaccinated people have died since lifting of mask/lockdown restrictions on July 30th? We need to know if the vaccines work (they don’t) and we need to know about adverse effects in those who took them (tens of thousands of deaths/injuries).
  • How many un-vaccinated people have died since lifting of mask/lockdown restrictions on July 30th? We need to know if being un-vaccinated is actually dangerous or not.

What’s the risk?

In case you’re wondering, the CDC provides these as their best estimates of IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio), the percentage of people who may die if they contract COVID:

  • 0-17 yrs: .002%
  • 18-49 yrs: 0.05%
  • 50-64 yrs: 0.6%

Centers for Disease Control, March 19/21
COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios (Table 1. Parameter Values...)

New Brunswick just lost our control group

The un-vaccinated are the control group. By lumping the two streams of data into one ‘death count,’ we have no public early warning detection of adverse effects. It also incites fear of the un-vaccinated when what the Victim 47 incident shows is the Health Minister is incorrectly using the death of a vaccinated individual as a marketing tool to convince the public that they need to rush out and get a vaccine that won’t necessarily protect them.


From now on, the Department of Health public death count is useless as a measure of vaccine urgency or adverse effects. Worse, it is misleading. This is inexcusable.

Do they know?

It is scarcely believable that the Department of Health does not know it is misleading the public. If they do not know, then they are utterly incompetent. If the vaccines are truly safe and effective, then publishing these benchmarks can only aid the government’s objectives in rolling out a voluntary vaccination campaign.

Mark Vandermaas is founder of the New Brunswick Freedom Project. He is the author of Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies, submitted to New Brunswick’s premier, cabinet and ombud September 10/21. It can be downloaded at (Downloads). His bio can be found at