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    OUR MISSION is 'Liberty in Your Lifetime.' We want to create Canada's first 'FreeProvince' by facilitating the migration of Canadians to New Brunswick with the goal of restoring, expanding and preserving liberty.


    Are you tired of government always getting bigger and more intrusive? Tired of feeling helpless against once-unthinkable civil rights abuses, identity politics, social engineering, and attacks on the family and free speech? Tired of 'conservative' politicians who stay silent or futilely try to appease the extremists instead of standing for truth & freedom? You are not alone.

    Ask yourself this question: is it easier to destroy socialism in ten provinces or just one? By concentrating our efforts in one small province with a population of just 800,000 (who returned Conservative majority governments in the last two provincial elections) we can turn the tide vs. big government to restore and preserve our Charter rights, and expand personal and economic freedoms for all.

    During the 2018 New Brunswick provincial election, 380,363 people (p27) cast ballots. Compare to Ontario with 5.7M votes cast. Your vote is worth 15x more in New Brunswick!



    2019 Alberta provincial election (official results):

    Total votes cast: 1.9M votes

    UCP: 63 seats, 1,040,563 votes = 54.9%

    NDP: 24 seats, 619,921 votes = 32.7%


    2023 Alberta provincial election (offical results):

    Total votes cast: 1.76M

    UCP: 48 seats, 928,900 votes

    IND: 1 seat, 14,324 votes (frmr UCP candidate)

    = conservative MLAs: 49 seats, 943,224 votes = 54%

    NDP: 38 seats, 777,404 votes = 44%


    Do you see the problem? With 140,000 fewer votes cast, the NDP received 157,000 more votes and gained 14 seats. The UCP and Independent candidate Jennifer Johnson combined received 97,000 fewer votes and lost 14 seats.  The 2023 Alberta election was a resounding victory for the NDP despite giving Danielle Smith's United Conservative Party (UCP) a majority government. Alberta is just one election and a handful of seats from socialists regaining control.

    There is little chance that Alberta will be able to decisively restore and expand freedom, let alone garner the necessary support to secede from Confederation in the foreseeable future. For more commentary see this article by our founder.


    IS THERE A NATIONAL POLITICAL SOLUTION? During the 2021 federal election, not one Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) candidate was elected to office. This was despite the issue of freedom from vaccine-related human rights abuses being a clear choice between the parties supporting it (including the 'Conservative' Party of Canada) versus the PPC, the lone party vigorously opposing it. Unfortunately, the PPC garnered only 841K votes.

    Even if the PPC won a majority, they would not be able to change the culture of 38M people, and we must remember a critical fact: there are 3 key areas we must completely reform in addition to limiting executive authority if we are to restore freedom: Education, Policing and Health, all of which are provincial jurisdictions. If we control those policy areas we can restore, expand and defend freedom.

    There may not be enough Canadians who support liberty to restore Canada to freedom, but...there ARE many more than enough to take political control of New Brunswick and establish a FreeProvince refuge of liberty.


    SAVIOURS vs. BOTTOM-UP SOLUTIONS: Our position is that Canadians should not be waiting for a party or leader to 'save' them; they should take freedom into their own hands and completely reimagine governance through the lens of freedom in one small, strategic province...and do it from the bottom up. No saviours; just hard work one step at a time.


    WOULD NEW BRUNSWICK SEPARATE? That would be up to New Brunswickers should they decide Ottawa remains a threat to freedom, but would be a long way off into the future. Before that could happen we would have to restore freedom, build a vibrant, free-market economy, and wean New Brunswick off federal handouts from other provinces.


    WHAT DOES THE PROJECT DO? We give hope to Canadians that there is a peaceful solution to restoring and enhancing freedom for our families. To do that, we focus on 4 core areas:

    1. Recruiting: We work to inspire people to come to New Brunswick. We don't waste time trying to convert people to believe socialism is bad; our 'target market' is those liberty-minded individualists who already know they want to be free, to convince them that they can come to New Brunswick to be with like-minded people working together for a better future.

    2. Moving Coordination: We help you decide where to live, and connect you to like-minded people. Perhaps, you might want to take an exploratory trip. We'll be able to help you even better as we develop our capabilities.

    3. Education: We help people understand freedom theory and practice, including activism. Our founder has many years experience as a rule of law activist and advocate against antisemitism. We are also proud to have partnered with volunteers from America's freedom leaders, the New Hampshire Free State Project to help provide Canadian FreeProvincers with training. More on the FSP later!

    4. Meet-up Facilitation: Virtual meetings have their place, but face-to-face socializing whenever possible is the very best way to build community, so we connect various groups working on freedom issues using a calendar for meet-ups and events. We've just added a brand new calendar that allows your group to submit your own events (desktop only).


    WHAT WE DO NOT DO: The project does not run political candidates, nor do we 'compete' with freedom groups for their members. We seek to empower 'FreeProvincers' to self-organize and take the actions they see fit on all issues. Decentralization via networking and meet-ups is critical so that even if the project is shut down somehow, the FreeProvince movement can continue.


    WE WANT TO INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND CONNECT micro-communities working on issues you care about whether it's fighting insane public health power grabs and human rights abuses; developing a freedom-based constitution/bill of rights; self-sufficiency; promoting crypto currency; enhancing school choice options; expanding self-defence rights; protecting free speech and religious freedom; lowering taxes; protecting property rights and the rule of law; or fighting hateful, divisive, sexual and politically-driven student indoctrination.

    Impossible? Not at all! Be sure to scroll down to read about our partners in freedom from the New Hampshire Free State movement. Then, if you think a Canadian 'FreeProvince' sounds interesting, or if you are ready to commit to moving here one day, join our email list and/or contact us with your thoughts.


    We do not welcome anyone who promotes bigotry, violence or hatred. We reject identity politics of all stripes because we are fervent believers in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that people should be judged on the content of their character, and not the colour of their skin. 

  • Interview w/Derek Proulx, New Hampshire Free State Project volunteer/activist by Robert Vaughan of JustRightMedia.org

    Learn about the New Hampshire Free State movement... 

    "I'm a strong advocate for the New Brunswick Freedom Project because as long as you guys can't come here, we might as well help you do what we're doing, in Canada." - Derek Proulx, volunteer with New Hampshire Free State movement, May 18/22
  • A Proven Strategy

    "I'm a strong advocate for the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project because as long as you guys can't come here, we might as well help you do what we're doing, in Canada." - Derek Proulx, volunteer with New Hampshire Free State movement, May 18/22

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    Logo for New Hampshire Free State Project

    Volunteers with the New Hampshire Free State movement are working with the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project to help us liberate Canadians.

    The New Hampshire Free State Project has had amazing success in attracting, then mobilizing new and existing residents to bring about freedom-related legislation. According to the Cato Institute, New Hampshire is the free-est state in America and so...we're very excited to announce that the Free State movement is now helping the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project liberate Canadians!


    Check out their website to learn all about their long-running movement and stunning results made possible by a great sense of community. Do we want to be exactly like New Hampshire? Not necessarily, but they are willing to help us create our own, uniquely-Canadian FreeProvince.


    The NHFSP has a busy calendar of events organized by 'FreeStaters' such as monthly bar/restaurant meetups, lectures, conferences, discussion groups and family events. Their annual festival is called 'PorcFest' after the porcupine, that prickly creature that just wants to be left alone, but is capable of making those who molest it very sorry indeed, rather like human lovers of freedom.


    New Brunswick's official bird used on our logo is the Black-Capped Chickadee, so our festival will be called 'ChickFest.' As one FreeProvincer from Ontario remarked, "I like the ChickFest idea. Perfectly politically incorrect."

  • The Process


    Join Newsletter/Follow Us



    Check out the New Hampshire Free State Project website (fsp.org) and Twitter feed (@FreeStateNH) and see what the future could look like. Then, check out New Brunswick. Start here.


    Declare Your Intention

    Make a commitment to move to New Brunswick some time in the future using the signup form. You can do it now if you want, but take your time...no pressure.


    Make Your Move

    We'll be there to give you a warm welcome.

  • Downloads

    1. Report for the Premier, MLAs & Ombud of New Brunswick

    2. 'Notice of Liability to Employer/School' Form

    3. 'Expert Statement' re Comirnaty Vaccine for Children

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    1. REPORT TO NEW BRUNSWICK LEGISLATORS: 'Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies'

    Click here to open & save PDF.


    75 page submission mailed in hard copy to Premier Higgs & Executive Council, MLAs and the provincial Ombud in September 2021 for the purposes of:


    A. Creating an evidence trail for future lawsuits and prosecutions. All Executive Council (Cabinet) members received copies via registered mail so they cannot say they did not know.


    B. Shocking the conscience of MLAs in hopes that 1 or 2 will be sufficiently roused to speak out against the government's abuses of human/civil/bioethic rights and privacy.


    C. Providing victims like you with a document you can use to help your supervisor, instructor, family or friends understand why you are unwilling to consent to the vaccine.


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    2. FORM: 'Notice of Liability to Employer/School'

    UPDATED: v210910

    Click here to open & save PDF.
    (For New Brunswick residents ONLY)


    1. Open. 2. Download. 3. Open Acrobat Reader. 4. Open form. 4. 'Fill & Sign' (pen icon, lower, right)


    Some people email this Notice + #1: Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation (MSD) Polices to their supervisor/instructor to create an evidence trail proving they do not wish to consent to vaccination, and that the employer/school was given full knowledge of potential liability and supporting evidence for the decision, then follow up by handing them hard copies.


    Use at your own risk. Not to be construed as legal advice. Obtain advice from a lawyer licenced to practice in your province. Feel free to adapt for your province provided all references to the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project are removed.


    Expert Statement by Doctors for COVID Ethics for EU lawsuit to prevent vaccination of adolescents w/mRNA vaccines

    3. EXPERT STATEMENT: Doctors for COVID Ethics (prepared for lawsuit vs. EU to stop adolescent injections)

    Click here to open & save PDF.


    "Section 3 will show that the safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine is catastrophically bad. [...] The only possible conclusion from this analysis is that the use of this vaccine in adolescents cannot be permitted, and that its ongoing use in any and all age groups should be stopped immediately."


    This shocking report from an organization with hundreds of concerned doctors/researchers was prepared as evidence for a lawsuit to stop the EU from using mRNA vaccines in children. NBFP verified w/co-author Michael Palmer MD (U of Waterloo, ON) that he stood by everything in the report, then created a highlighted version w/bio info that makes it easy for the layperson to pull out critical info.


  • News

    The founder of the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project (nbfree.ca), Mark Vandermaas, will be...
    by Mark Vandermaas May 30, 2023 (updated 230709 to reflect final election results) So.....
    by Mark Vandermaas, Feb 20/23 Watch Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, Parliamentary Secretary to...
  • People

    NBFS Project founder Mark Vandermaas

    Mark Vandermaas, Founder

    Mark Vandermaas founded the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project (originally called the New Brunswick Freedom Project) in 2021 (http://www.nbfree.ca) after witnessing the human rights abuses associated with Covid. Today, the project is being assisted by volunteers from the wildly-successful New Hampshire Free State Project to liberate Canadians by concentrating liberty-lovers in the small province of New Brunswick.

    In September 2021, Mark mailed...in hard copy...a 75 page report entitled, Vaccine Hesitancy and The Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies to every member of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly (registered mail to Cabinet) in hopes of inspiring at least one MLA to speak out against the human rights abuses against the bodily autonomy of un-injected citizens (none did), and to create an evidence trail for future prosecutions/lawsuits.

    During the Caledonia, Ontario rule of law crisis that began in 2006, Mark was a key member of a small team of civil rights workers that modelled Dr. Martin Luther King's methods to fight racist policing policies of the Ontario Provincial Police that saw innocent non-natives arrested instead of violent native militants who terrorized the town over a fraudulent land claim.

    Their work (including multiple illegal arrests) led to a landmark 9-0 Supreme Court of Canada civil rights ruling in Fleming v. Ontario, 2019 declaring that police may not arrest innocent people as a means of preventing violence by others. The Court called this imaginary power the OPP pretended they had "a recipe for a police state" (para[98]).

    Mark was a key presenter at the 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy forum at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta. His presentation was: Listening to Victims: A Fresh Approach to Healing & Reconciliation.

    Mark's Caledonia work is cited in two books: Christie Blatchford's bestseller Helpless: Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear And Anarchy And How The Law Failed All Of Us, and Gary McHale's Victory In The No-Go Zone: Winning The Fight Against Two-Tier Policing which Mark helped write and edit.

    As the Christian founder of IsraelTruthWeek.org, Mark teaches about Israel's forgotten land rights under international law, and how to use them to create a moral argument against the 'occupation' blood libel.

    He has travelled Israel extensively as a UN peacekeeper with the Canadian Forces in 1978, and as a member of the 2019 Jewish National Fund Educators Mission. In 2012, Mark received the greatest honour of his life when he was asked to help light a candle at the National Holocaust Memorial service in Ottawa.

  • Media

    NBFP founder Mark Vandermaas interview
    w/Robert Vaughan of JustRightMedia.org, July 04/21

    (Watch on Rumble)

  • Contact Us

    Founder-Mark Vandermaas: mark@nbfree.ca

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