NBFP Founder to Speak At World's Leading Liberty Festival in New Hampshire

RFK Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Larry Elder and...Mark Vandermaas

Porcupine Freedom Festival - New Hampshire Free State Project

The founder of the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project (nbfree.ca), Mark Vandermaas, will be travelling to New Hampshire to attend...and speak at...the world's leading annual liberty festival organized by the New Hampshire Free State Project (fsp.org) which has turned NH into the free-est state in America. The week-long festival, called 'PorcFest' (porcfest.com) after the project's official animal, the porcupine, is packed with events, vendors and big name speakers. This year's event includes Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Larry Elder and Jeffrey Kauffman (founder of Lbry & Odysee).

RFK Jr. speaks at 10:00am on Thursday, June 22, 2023. At 2pm that day Mark Vandermaas will be part of a 3-person panel discussion entitled A Free State State Project in Your State or Country? with our NBFP Free State liaison Derek Proulx and Dennis Pratt, organizer/Chef de Village for PorcFest.

PorcFest Schedule-see June 22/23 10:00am RFK Jr. speaks
PorcFest Schedule-see June 22/23 2:00pm Mark Vandermaas speaks on panel

The full PorcFest schedule can be found here: PorcFest.com.

NBFP New Movers Q&A...live from PorcFest

Not only will Mark be speaking on Thursday with featured speakers, the next bi-weekly New Mover's Q&A will be broadcast live from PorcFest on Monday, June 19, 7pm Atlantic/6pm Eastern. Some Free State 'celebrities' may be dropping in to say 'Hi!' Link/details: nbfree.ca/#events.

New Brunswick FreeProvince Project-Events: New Movers Q&A from PorcFest

NH Free Staters Helping NB FreeProvincers!

Featured speaker, Derek Proulx, has devoted a great deal of time to assisting the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project, as has another Free Stater, Zephan Wood. Both have given us great counsel as we move forward to restoring, expanding and defending freedom in New Brunswick by modelling their great success in order to establish a refuge of freedom for Canadian victims of radical socialism.

Our association with the Free State movement played an important role in having the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project placed on the U.K.-based Free Cities Foundation directory and map of world freedom projects, the first and only Canadian project to be accepted. The NH Free State Project is also listed...the only one on the continental USA.

NBFP on Free Cities Foundation directory/map at free-communities.org

Readers can learn more about the New Hampshire Free State Project at fsp.org and on nbfree.ca which features an interview with Derek Proulx.

Mark Vandermaas is founder of the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project. He is the author of Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies, submitted in hard copy to New Brunswick’s premier, cabinet, all MLAs and Ombud on September 10/21. It can be found at nbfree.ca/#downloads. His bio can be found at nbfree.ca/#people. Mark can be reached at mark@nbfree.ca. He holds bi-weekly New Movers Q&A sessions via Zoom, the schedule for which can be found at nbfree.ca/#events.