Excited About Alberta? Don't Book That Moving Truck Until You Read This

Alberta Communists scored massive gains

· Alberta

by Mark Vandermaas
May 30, 2023

(updated 230709 to reflect final election results)

So...Danielle Smith's United Conservative Party (UCP) won a majority in the 2023 Alberta election, and you're ready to book a UHaul to leave your socialist province for the land of freedom milk and honey in the 'Texas of The North.' Once you absorb the sobering reality of last night's election results, however, you might be ready to book a moving truck...but not to Alberta.

Election statistics from 2019 vs 2023 Alberta Elections:

2019 total votes cast: 1.9M
2019 UCP: 63 seats, 1,040,563 votes = 54.9%
2019 NDP: 24 seats, 619,921 votes = 32.7 %
https://officialresults.elections.ab.ca/orResultsPGE.cfm?EventId=60 (official results)


2023 total votes cast: 1.76M
2023 UCP: 48 seats, 928,900 votes

2023 Independent: 1 seat, 14,324 votes (former UCP candidate)

= Total conservative MLAs elected: 49, 943,224 votes = 54.0%

2023 NDP: 38 seats, 777,404 votes = 44.0%

https://officialresults.elections.ab.ca/orResultsPGE.cfm?EventId=101 (official results)

Are you seeing the problem? With 140,000 fewer voters in play:

a. The NDP received 157,000 more votes and gained 14 seats

b. The UCP and conservative Independent Jennifer Johnson combined received 97,000 fewer votes, and conservatives lost 14 seats.

These are staggering losses for the UCP and conservative voters given the extreme damage done to Alberta by Ottawa and the previous NDP provincial government.

Communist Party (AKA NDP) makes gains

If a party embraces Democratic Socialists (Communists), then it seems fair to consider that party to be a Communist party. Not only did the NDP get more votes and seats, they did it with openly-Communist candidates in their ranks. The National Telegraph lists 8 NDP such candidates in this well-cited article:

Wyatt quotes from the NDP constitution:

1.03 The purpose of the Party is to promote the principles of democratic socialism in Alberta and to establish and maintain a democratic socialist government in Alberta through the electoral process.


a. NO SECESSION: Alberta will not be able to secede in the foreseeable future. If the Alberta freedom movement can't get more than 54% support during a provincial election after everything Alberta and Canada have experienced at the hands of woke socialists, there is little likelihood of obtaining the necessary threshold for separation. It is fair to conclude that secession is much further from reality today than it was yesterday.

b. TRUMP-LIKE OPPOSITION: Many of the 776K NDP supporters who represent 44% of the population will do their radical best to slow or stop Danielle Smith's UCP from restoring freedom. She will inevitably see the need to appease them as well as squishy 'red conservative' members of her caucus. Think about what the radical left did to Trump; that is the future for Danielle Smith and the UCP. It will be relentless, disruptive and probably violent.

c. ALBERTA NOW A COMMUNIST BEACON: Communism is on the march everywhere in Canada, but clearly-so in Alberta. Fourteen new seats and 157,000 new voters say it all. But, it's actually worse. According to Kean Bexte of The Counter Signal:

"Six separate ridings were clinched by the UCP by a margin of only a few hundred votes. We were hanging on the precipice of a dangerous communist resurgence had Rachel Notley taken the win."

The Counter Signal, mass email, May 30/23

Once the leftists get over their bitterness at the barely-missed chance to regain power they will appreciate the huge inroads they have made in Alberta. If I were an NDP Communist I would be booking my moving truck today for a move to Alberta to be with my 777,000 Communist allies so I could be part of achieving the glorious socialist revolution that is now only one election and a handful of seats away.

d. CANADA AS A FREE NATION IS OVER: There is no national political (or legal) solution. Canada has far too many socialists to restore...let alone expand...freedom at the federal level. We at the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project been saying this for a long time. We allowed for the possibility that the Communists might be utterly crushed if Albertans decided they have had enough of oppression, wasteful spending and the insane 'green' agenda, but that clearly has not happened.

There is hope!

While there are not enough liberty-lovers in Canada to save the country or keep Alberta free forever, there are many more than enough to take political control of a small province using the proven strategy of concentrating liberty-lovers in a small state/province via migration.

New Brunswick FreeProvince Project

The New Brunswick FreeProvince Project is modelled on the New Hampshire Free State Project (fsp.org), and volunteers from the Free State movement are assisting us. The NHFSP has turned New Hampshire into the free-est state in America using a simple, yet brilliant and wildly-successful strategy: their approach is to discourage liberty lovers from fighting losing elections all over the USA, and instead migrate to take control of a small state. You can learn more about them at fsp.org and nbfree.ca where you can watch an interview with our Free State movement liason, Derek Proulx.

The People's Party of Canada received 840,000 votes in the last election. A mere 1% of those voters migrating to New Brunswick could accomplish what the 6-7,000 new movers did for the NH Free State Project in ensuring freedom for generations to come.

New Hampshire Free State Project

Why New Brunswick vs. Alberta?

1. SMALL POPULATION: Only 380,000 voters in the last provincial election vs. 2M in Alberta. Much easier to gain influence via migration. Total population of approximately 800K, even less than New Hampshire's 1,400,000.


2. CONSERVATIVE VOTERS: Unlike Alberta (or Ontario and British Columbia), New Brunswick has never had an NDP government. Voters have returned two back-to-back 'Conservative' majority governments in the two previous provincial elections. Of course, New Brunswick's government has the ignoble distinction of being the only province to try to deny food to un-injected citizens. New Brunswickers wanted conservative government, but...as with all other provinces...were victimized by fascist Covid policies as was Alberta under the UCP. Fortunately, restoring, expanding and defending freedom is based on very simple math, not on past atrocities.


3. MARITIME BORDER: New Brunswick is not land-locked as is Alberta. This is not an insurmountable obstacle as there are a number of such countries in the world, but a long maritime border is a decided benefit.


4. HELP IS CLOSE BY: New Brunswick is close to the world's freedom leaders in New Hampshire who are willing and able to assist the NBFP and have already provided great advice and encouragement. On June 22/23 I will be speaking at the weeklong Free State Project's PorcFest celebration of freedom on the same day as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (porcfest.com/schedule). Earlier this year, the NBFP was added to the Free Cities Foundation's directory/map as the first and only liberty project in Canada: free-communities.org. This was made possible, in large part, due to our connections with Free Staters.

You have a clear choice:

You can point your moving truck towards Alberta and fight the Communist hordes, or you can seize the chance to help build Canada's first FreeProvince using a proven strategy as we move towards duplicating the success of the NH Free State Project. We can even connect you to like-minded people in NB freedom pods thanks to the great work of our Moving Coordinator Chandra: move@nbfree.ca. 

If you'd like to stay in touch, join our networking list at nbfree.ca/join. You are also welcome to join me every two weeks for our New Movers Q&A which is listed on our Events calendar.


Mark Vandermaas

Mark Vandermaas is founder of the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project. He is the author of Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies, submitted in hard copy to New Brunswick’s premier, cabinet, all MLAs and Ombud on September 10/21. It can be downloaded at nbfree.ca (Downloads). His bio can be found at nbfree.ca/#people. Mark can be reached at mark@nbfree.ca. He holds bi-weekly New Movers Q&A sessions via Zoom, the schedule for which can be found at nbfree.ca/#events.