Liberal MP: Canada knew vaccines were not fully tested when they signed contracts

Our governments intimidated us into participating in drug trials without Informed Consent

by Mark Vandermaas, Feb 20/23

Watch Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, spill the awful truth we all suspected. From Noe Chartier, reporter for the Epoch Times:

Criminal liability: our report to MLAs: In September 2021, we sent a detailed report to every NB MLA outlining, among various other things, the lack of testing and the potential criminal liability for governments and employers who intimidated citizens and employees into giving up bodily autonomy, including the Premier of NB, Blaine Higgs. It is entitled, 'Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies.' Section 2 addresses the possible violations of the Criminal Code of Canada re Intimidation, Assault/Aggravated Assault along with case citations. You can read the report here:

New Brunswick FreeProvince Project report: 'Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination Policies'
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Criminal case vs Premier Higgs & Employers: We also spent $500 as a retainer for a NB criminal lawyer to help us bring test cases to the RCMP for Intimidation and/or Assault, then to the Court directly if the police refused to act. Despite meeting the lawyer's conditions for taking the case, including getting on board a medical ethics expert as well as prominent NB activists with a large following, we were never able to have even a personal meeting with the lawyer, and so the case(s) went nowhere.

We tried to engage civil lawyers, but found not one NB lawyer willing to do anything more than shuffle papers for huge fees. So, despite our founder being part of a team whose work led to an on-point 9-0 Supreme Court victory in Fleming v. Ontario, 2019 regarding police/govt violating Charter rights during an emergency (see Section 14 of the above NBFP report), we could not find one lawyer to take the precedent to the Court. This, BTW, is a key reason our founder decided to leave Canada: once lawyers will not represent you, governments can commit horrendous human rights violations with the stroke of a pen with no lawful way to stop them.

MLA negligence: It cost $1000 to print and mail hard copies of the report to every MLA...registered mail to Cabinet and the hopes that just one of them would want to take up our offer to ask questions of our medical expert who stated in his own detailed expert opinion for the EU Court, along with 2 other medical experts: "The safety profile of the Pfizer vaccine is catastrophically bad." Sadly not one MLA did.

Our founder, Mark Vandermaas, did meet with his MLA who happens to be a cabinet minister, but while he expressed sympathy, he did not take any public action after reading the report and meeting with Mark.

What to do?

1. Contact your NB MLA to demand to know what the Government of NB knew about the lack of testing and when. Did NB officials know, prior to the extreme bullying of NB citizens into giving up their bodily autonomy...including the attempt to deny food to unvaccinated citizens!...that they were coercing people into enrolling in an experimental drug trial? Perhaps, some MLAs will realize they were lied to by either the federal or provincial governments...or both in order to make them parties to crimes against humanity. I would send them a link to the video above along with a copy of the NBFP report and remind them that they were given accurate information with credible sources 18 months ago.

You can find your MLA's contact info here:

2. Contact your federal MP to demand that the contracts be made public, that the Government of Canada immediately cease all medical coercion, restore fired employees, pay compensation to victims, apologize and pass Charter amendments to try to prevent these crimes from being repeated.

You can find your MP's contact info here:

3. Criminal Complaint: Given the passage of time, it may now be possible to go to the RCMP in NB to request a criminal investigation into the Government of NB and/or the federal government regarding allegations of Intimidation and/or Assault/Aggravated Assault. Unfortunately, it highly probable that no criminal lawyer in NB will want to assist with this, let alone file private prosecutions if police refuse to act.


Over the next months it may be possible to find a lawyer in a larger province like Ontario or Alberta willing to take on the unenviable task of prosecuting federal and/or provincial officials. Unfortunately, most of the legal profession have, until now, focused on civil suits instead of Criminal Code prosecutions.

This is not over. There must be justice.

Summary: So very many of us had our lives and relationships and trust in institutions destroyed because monsters who knew full well that these mRNA drugs had not been tested decided to abuse their authority to force them on us. We were dehumanized, segregated and experimented on without Informed Consent. We were denied access to early treatments such as Ivermectin. Then, when we peacefully resisted their evil we were called vile names, trampled with horses, intimidated by police pointing guns, and our bank accounts frozen or under threat of being frozen. These are, in our non-lawyer's opinion, crimes against humanity.

The recent inquiry report by a longtime Liberal judge exonerating our Liberal Prime Minister regarding the use of martial law against the peaceful Convoy is yet further proof that Canadian society is lawless at every level of government. Of course, the search for some measure of justice must...and will...continue, but there is only one peaceful way to ensure this never happens again: liberty lovers must concentrate their forces in one small province to take political control. As that concentration is being achieved, perhaps we can eventually elect freedom-minded politicians to federal office as well.

Mark Vandermaas is founder of the New Brunswick FreeProvince Project. He is the author of Vaccine Hesitancy and the Risks of Medical Segregation Discrimination (MSD) Policies, submitted to New Brunswick’s premier, cabinet, all MLAs and Ombud on September 10/21. It can be downloaded at (Downloads). His bio can be found at Mark can be reached at He holds bi-weekly New Movers Q&A sessions via Zoom, the schedule for which can be found at