Canada Day event:


Fredericton, New Brunswick, Thurs. July 01/21 Time: TBA

LATEST UPDATE (June 26/21, 1:20pm)

'March For Canada'

PLACE: Fredericton, NB

DATE: Canada Day, Thursday, July 01/21

TIME: 1400 hrs (2:00pm for civilians ;)

START: My wife and I will begin at Officer's Square. 400m march W to City Hall. 400m E back to Officer's Square. Optional: 750m march along South Riverside Trail to Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge over St. John River.

ROUTE MAP: Click here to open full size PDF of annotated map. Google map here.

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1. This is NOT an anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine protest, so bring only Canadian flags.

2. Do NOT block any roads. We will be walking along the sidewalk/roadside/trail as applicable.

3. Maintain 2m distance between family/bubble groups as req'd by NB's YELLOW COVID RECOVERY guidelines for 'Outdoor Informal' events.

4. Be nice!


New Brunswick's capital, Fredericton, has decided to cancel Canada Day celebrations which is exactly what the Communist Party of Canada wants:

210625 Communist Party of Canada tweet calling for Canada Day to be cancelled.

While we all share in the sorrow at the news of Residential School graves, now is exactly the right time to celebrate what is good about Canada, and talk about what needs to be fixed. Now is NOT the time to cave into radical demands from Communists and weak-kneed politicians trying to destroy our heritage.

Canada is still very much worth celebrating, especially in a time where leftist radicals are tearing down statues and trying to erase history, and fearful politicians at every level of government are spitting on our Charter rights while trying to coerce us into submitting ourselves and our children as guinea pigs for an experimental vaccine trial, a vaccine now know to have horrific side effects.

The best way to honour past tragedies and political mistakes is to fight to prevent new tragedies and mistakes today by refusing to give up our rights or our heritage.

Canadian Contingent UNEF II, 1978. Author 3rd from R

42,000 Canadians were killed in World War II to defend freedom. 61,000 in World War II. I served with the Canadian Forces, and was part of a 1978 peacekeeping mission in the Middle East (3rd from R in pic above). I later became an 'rule of law activist' in 2006 during the Caledonia Crisis in Ontario when police, media, Communists, violent native militants and Ontario politicians were perpetrating and/or enabling violence against innocents, and demonizing those of us who stood against it.

I and members of our team were repeatedly arrested for trying to walk down a public road with a Canadian flag. It took us 2.5 years and many arrests to make the Canadian flag 'legal' again in Caledonia:

July 12/09, 31 months after Caledonia resident Bo Chausse was arrested in Caledonia by the Ontario Provincial Police for trying to put a Canadian flag on a hydro pole, the Canadian flag becomes legal again!

It would take 13 years of arrests, injuries and demonization to win at the Supreme Court of Canada in a 9-0 decision (Fleming v. Ontario, 2019) that slapped down the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario government with a declaration that arresting innocent people to prevent violence by others was a 'police state' tactic...even during an aboriginal land claim.

I have served under the Canadian flag abroad, and I have risked my life, my freedom and my financial security at home to defend the right of Canadians to carry that flag. I cannot turn my back on Canada or my flag a time when many feel that our country, our courts and our political system are broken beyond repair. If there is one lesson from Caledonia I can offer it is this: NEVER give up one inch, not one single millimetre of your rights because it may 'offend' or appease others.

I don't know if anyone will join us, but I know this: my wife and I will march, rain or shine to Fredericton City Hall on Canada Day, Thursday, July 1st, beginning from Officer's Square at 1400/2:00pm.


Mark Vandermaas, Founder
New Brunswick Freedom Project

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